Medec Medicare Ltd provides fully integrated third party Contract Manufacturing and Development solutions to our Customers. We offer Third Party Contract Manufacturing under Loan License Arrangement.


We undertake Contract Manufacturing of Intermediates for several API’s falling under a wide range of Therapeutic categories, Fine Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals and we have an extensive range of different Pharmaceutical Intermediates.


Team Medec is committed to meeting and exceeding Customer’s expectations every time by offering high-Quality Products and Devoted Services in Time pursuing the continued process of Development in our skills and knowledge.


Medec is a preferred partner of choice across the globe for Innovator and Generic Pharmaceutical Companies. Medec APIs business has prominent presence in markets such as Japan, APAC (Asia Pacific), Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North & Central Americas Regions.

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Founded in the year 2010 , Medec Medicare Limited is a Pharmaceutical Company .

Consistent efforts, endless Innovation, and the Legitimacy of our Products’ Quality are backed by ISO 13485:2016 Certification for Quality Management from  UKAF and WHO-GMP from UKC&IL. Medec Medicare is a Distinguished name to be reckoned with.

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We, at Medec, believe, “Quality is an ongoing process for building sustained relationships”. Our strong commitment to deliver quality products coupled with in-depth industry knowledge, a well-qualified team of professionals, and hi-tech and advanced infrastructure; has created mutually beneficial associations for all the parties involved.

Our Products

At Medec, in Quality we trust. All through the process, it is about Quality from Source to Resource

Anticancer drug also called antineoplastic drug, is any drug that is effective in the treatment of malignant, or cancerous, disease.

Medec Specializes in Producing Advances Intermediates for Conventional & cerebral malaria Caused by falciparum

Lipid-Lowering agents helpful in reducing cholesterol from arteries are critical for Populations above 40 years of age. Medec Produces intermediates from which vital cardiac and lipid-lowering APIs are Manufactured.


Pharmaceutical Intermediates are chemical compounds that form the building blocks of any active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Intermediates are advanced stage raw materials upto the penultimate or pre-penultimate stage of any API.

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